Adam Sandler - Grandmother

Sandler, Wise, Jamal Season 1, Ep 11 05/30/1994 Views: 16,964

Adam's grandmother is paranoid. (1:51)

I hate this suit.

I gotta-- ooh, this is weird.

I don't like this.


So I'm going to see mygrandmother, couple weeks.

And I-- I love visitingher, she's a nice lady,

I guess, but the worstis that she can't hear

and she's got thisum, this, this system

where's she's gotta buzz me in.

You know, the intercom system.

And it just takes forever to gether attention with the buzzer.

And she finally--it like, it takes

days to get in to--because she comes to the--

and then she's so paranoidwhen she hears me.


[grandma voice] Who'swho's down there?

Who is there?" [normal voice]It's your grandson,

it's your grandson.

[grandma voice] Charles Manson?

[normal voice] No.

It's not Charles Manson.

It's your grandson.

Then she finally hears me andshe gets a little paranoid

and you know, doesn'tbelieve 100% that it's me,

so she's got to quiz me.

[grandma voice] OK.

So, Adam, it is Adam, isn't it?

[normal voice] Yeah.

It's Adam.

[grandma voice] Who in ourfamily is allergic to chicken?

[normal voice] I thinkthat's my brother,

is that my brother, Scott?

[grandma voice] Yes, that's one.

Now, who in thefamily is pregnant

out of wedlock right now.

Answer me!

[normal voice] I think that'smy cousin Idina, right?

[grandma voice] Yes, sucha shame, too, nice girl.

[normal voice] Grandma,can you let me in the--

[grandma voice] Not yet!

Who in the family, when I was atyour sister's wedding dancing,

having such a wonderfultime, and my heel broke

and I fell into the melonballs, who was laughing at me?

[normal voice] That was me.

That was me, Grandma, I'm gladI did because you are a psycho.

Now let me in the building.

You're a very weird lady.

Then once she decides onletting me in the building,

she goes from the paranoidlady to the mad buzzer holder.

She can't let go of the buzzer.


[grandma voice] Are you inyet? [normal voice] Yes,

I'm in and so are17 crack addicts,

let go-- let go of the buzzer.

All right.