Hadassah Receives a Gift From Her Mom

Eminem & Sarah Silverman Season 2, Ep 23 02/10/2004 Views: 30,633

After receiving a talking toy bear from her mother, Hadassah ponders the meaning of the gift's explicit message. (3:17)

( ringing )

>> This is Molly.

How may I help you?

>> I received a bear for a gift

from my mother.

And it has a voice in it.

>> Uh-huh.

>> And I'm sure this is not what

my mother intended to send.

>> Okay, what's going on?

>> Uh, it's saying...

Let me play for you, wait.

>> Okay.

>> Papa Bear want it in the back


>> Yeah, that doesn't sound like

something a mother would send.

>> Yeah.

Uh, I'd like to know what...

what is going to be done.

I mean, I...

>> Papa Bear want it in the back


>> That doesn't sound like

anybody that works here.

When did you receive it?

>> Yesterday.

>> And your name?

>> Hadassah Guberman.

>> Sit on this, sweet meat.

>> What is that?

That's gross.

>> Sit on this, sweet meat.

>> Oh, my God.

>> It's very upsetting.

>> To me, that's... I'm just...

that's disgusting.

>> Hey, kids, embrace the gay


>> Appalling.

>> Oh, I'm... I... I find it

absolutely appalling myself.

>> I was going to give it to my

neighbor's daughter.

>> Work the shaft.

>> That's disgusting.

>> It's called the ( bleep )


>> Is it pink?

>> Yeah.

>> Sit on this, sweet meat.

>> Because we don't have any...

we haven't had any, the pink

bears since Sept... since um...

>> September 11.

>> I'm not exactly sure when.

>> Hey, kids, embrace the gay


>> Oh, God!

>> That's disgusting.

>> I'm an adult, but I have

sensitive ears, you know what I


>> I'm an adult, too, and I'm a

pretty free lifestyle person.

I would be extremely upset.

>> I mean, I'm a Christian and a

Jew, you know.

>> I'm a practicing Catholic, so

that to me right now, I'm

extremely offended.

>> Papa Bear want it in the back


>> I've never even heard that


>> Papa Bear want it in the back


>> What does that even mean?

>> I believe it's saying, "Papa

Bear wants it in the back door."

>> What does that mean?

>> I believe it's a gay saying.

I'm not exactly sure.

I'm kind of naive in that area.

>> Papa Bear want it in the back


>> I'm assuming that they mean

the guy wants it in the back...

I don't even know how to say it,

it's embarrassing.

>> Oh, ass sex!

>> Yes.

I can't, I'm sorry, I couldn't

say it.

>> Oh...!

>> That's how offended I am with

it as well.

>> Oh, no, my mother did send


>> She did?

>> Yes.

>> Okay.

>> Okay.

She meant anal sex.

She loves ass sex.

>> Oh!

>> Okay.

>> Oh, my God.

>> Oh, God, no, thank you.

>> No, I-I-I thank you.

Because I was just about ready

to fire everybody on my staff.

>> Oh, no, she's really funny

like that.

>> Yeah, well, maybe next time

she should tell you before you

give it to your neighbor.

>> I know, right?

>> Yes.

>> No, she loves it in the back


>> Oh, my God.

I'm sorry that your mother did


>> I love you.

>> Oh, now she tells you I love


>> Sit on this, sweet meat.

>> Ugh.

Call your mom.

>> She's great. Okay.

>> Hey, kids, embrace the gay


>> Take care, Molly.

>> All right, bye-bye.

>> Molly!

( hangs up )