Earth Will Pay

Jeff & Some Honor Killings Season 1, Ep 1 01/11/2017 Views: 1,619

When Jeff fools around with a mysterious alien device, things get out of hand quickly. (1:10)

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What the...

Guys!- Huh?

- Everything okay, buddy?

- Did one of youhappen to use my towel again?

- Oh, come on!

Why do you alwayshave to blame us?

- Uh, maybe it's becauseyou're the ones

with the oozing purpleback sores!

- Well, that's--Good point.

- You need to respectmy things, okay?

I mean,how would you like it

if I just messedwith your stuff all the time?

Huh? What's this here, huh?- [gasps]

- I think I'll mess with it.- No, no, Jeff!

- Oh, doesn't feel so nice,does it?

[overlapping shouting]

- Universal peace is possible.

And the plans for itare all right here.

[all screaming]

[somber notes]

[drums beating]

- Earth will pay!

[all cheering]

- Whew, we got lucky.