Hampton Yount - Scary Political Ads

Season 1 , Ep 0101 01/11/11 Views: 2,987

Hampton Yount loves low level political ads for government positions that no one cares about. (1:23)

-I love, like, when they have,like, low-level political ads

for a government positionthat nobody cares about.

But they'll still come outwith, like, the really ominously

voiced ads to, like,scare you into who

they want you to vote for.

Like, they'll show a black andwhite photo of the person they

don't like, and they'll belike, he voted for [mumbles].

Like, it doesn't even matter.

They're just like, can wereally afford [mumbles].

I'm like, no.

Vote No on 30!

Vote Maybe on Call Me.

Maybe. [laughs]It's, like, dumb.

And it's like,Republican, Democrat,

they both do thatto, like, scare you

into who they wantyou to vote for.

It makes me think, well, we havemade it as far as we have as

a society if we just always hadscary-as-shit political ads.

I don't think so.

I don't think we would havemade it this far with ads

just like, Abraham Lincoln sayshe wants to end the Civil War!

But why does he spend all ofhis free time at the theater?

Paid for by theCouncil of John Wilkes

Booth for a better America.

George Washington says hewants to be your president,

but what's a president?

What the hell is that?