An Hour at The Comedy Store

Jews and Samoans Rule Seattle Season 1, Ep 10 12/30/2013 Views: 851

In preparation for his episode of The Half Hour, Brody does a longer set at one of his favorite clubs. (1:36)

I need to stay away from a crowdwhere they say, "Brody, youcan't do crowd work.

"You can't talk to the crowd.You're doing a special."

You know what? I had aconference call yesterdaywhile driving home.

Hey, it's Josh calling from theworld-famous Comedy Store.You got it!

11:15PM at the Comedy Store,I get to go up there.

If I can do an hour on Saturdaynight, at the Comedy Store...

I think that will help meprepare for Boston.

Put your hands togetherand give a nice welcome...

to the fabulous Brody Stevens,ladies and gentlemen.

Thank you.

I'm shooting my half hourspecial for Comedy Centralin Boston.

I want you guys all to be there.

If you hear a laugh over there,join in over here.

Where'd you grow up?

Grew up in San Francisco.

There's a good chancethose guys will walk out.

Wait.Son of a bastard.

You don't walk out on me whenI'm not looking! That's a cheapshot!

I'm preparing for Boston.

I was-- it was nothing amazing.

Oh, now you're mocking me.

I kind of just wantedto sell my personality...

but I didn't give themtons of jokes.

But I felt tonight, I nevertotally got the audience.