Emily Heller - Want to Be Single Forever

The One with the Party Fouls Season 1, Ep 2 07/31/2014 Views: 7,801

Emily Heller doesn't likes to tell her married friends about her plan for the future because they really hate it. (1:18)

I just really like to say thatI want to be single forever...

in front of my married friends.

Because they hate that. Oh, mygod, they hate that so much.

There's always one of them whowill condescend to me about it.

He'll be like, "Come on, singleforever? You don't know that.

"You can't know that.

"You can't know that you'regonna want something forever."

I was like, "Oh, my god,that is an amazing point."

No, you're right!That would be stupid of me...

to say that I know I'm gonnawant something forever...

in my 20's.

God, the only thing thatI can think of thatmight be stupider...

would be spending $50,000 to sayin front of everyone I know--

If you're married and thatoffends you, I'm sorry.

Here's what I recommend.

Go home, hug your spouse, knowthat I will not be doing that...

because Netflixdoes not have arms.

Although, if they know theirclientele, they are workingon it, right?

Thank you, guys, so much.I'm Emily Heller.