Bean Machine

A Leela of Her Own Season 4, Ep 10 02/13/2008 Views: 40,919

Leela's blernsball pitching and ability to draw a crowd gets the attention of the New New York Mets. (1:58)

Ah, this is why I love Earth.

Beautiful star-brightened day.

Friendly blernsball gamewith chum-pals.

So pleasant for everybody.


Hit by a pitch.

Take your base.

Sorry about that.

I guess I needed a fewmore warm-up pitches.

( moans quietly )

No batter. No batter.

No batter anymore.

Take your base.

I didn't meanto hit you.

I have some troublewith depth perception.

Yeah, me, too, now.

BENDER:Hey, batter, batter, batter

hey, batter, batter,batter, hey, batter, batter...


Take your base.

Please, lady,I want to live.

Can I use batto protect head?


Apparently not.

( laughter and applause )

Check out the one-eyedbean machine.

Hooray!I make a score point!


you beaned a run in.

You better letme pitch.

But I've got a no-hitter going.

( sighs )

You're right.


( groans )

( crowd cheering )

Don't take her out.

She's a firecracker.

Excuse me.

I'd liketo talk to you.

Am I under arrest?

Wait. I know you.

You're the sleazebag

who owns the UltimateRobot Fighting League.

Not anymore.

Now I'm the sleazebagwho owns the New New York Mets.

The Mets?

Those bums areworse than me.

Close to it.

But they don't drawa crowd like you.

Which is why I wantto sign you to the team.

Oh, you mean...

I'd be the first womanever to play

major league blernsball?

Well, yeah, but basicallyyou'd just be a publicity stunt.

I figure a one-eyed ladyskull-buster

might bring outthe freak show crowd.

Wow! The first woman everto play major league blernsball.