Wil Shriner - Working Comedy

Season 1 , Ep 0107 05/30/94 Views: 930

Every 30 seconds, a comedian bombs somewhere. (1:00)

of their profession--except for one short comic.

Um, there it was.


OK, Richard, wegotta do those right

off the bat tomake things going.

It's not hard toexplain why comedy

is so popular these days.

To help people cope withdaily stress in the '90s,

laughter has becomethe wonder drug.

And the best part is that youcan go to work the next day

and still pass the urine test.


That was a decent joke.

And are you folks readyto get this thing started?


-All right, let's get going.

This comedian tellsme that there's

nothing unusual about him.

But keep in mind that the peoplewho really need the most help

are always the last toadmit it, aren't they?

Please welcome anold friend of mine

from New York City, Bob Shaw.


[cheering and applause]

[music playing]

-The Zalman Klegman Trio withthe Klegman on the Fleygan.