Behind the Scenes - There Will Be Mud

07/19/2016 Views: 2,168

See how filthy the Best F#@king News Team will get to bring you the election coverage you deserve. (2:14)

(grandiose music)

- Trevor's got us training to prep for Democalypse.

- [Voiceover] And action!

- This election is ours!

For the covering.

- [Anchors] Yeah!!


Oh my God.


- [Voiceover] Roy lookslike he's about to die

in The Walking Dead.


- Hopping walls because I know Trump's going to build one.

- [Jordan] You don't go over it, you go through it.

- [Hasan] Well, it's easy if there's a door

that's made for you to just walk through.

- Don't make this a racial thing.

That's not what it was about.

- Yeah, some of us had to work hard to get where we are.

- Really work hard.

- Some of us work smartand we got there faster.

- We crawling through that mud.

- Now he's doing traditional, he's doing traditional.

- We're willing to do whatever it takes

to get the coverage people deserve.

The Daily Show is comingto the conventions.

- The key is to love your coworkers.

- [Voiceover] You're the best.

- Kiss that baby!

Kiss that baby!

- [Voiceover] Come on.

- Pander to the base, pander to the base!


- It's great.

You guys going to eat that?

- We believe in gettingour hands dirty.

(grandiose music)

And our pants and our underwear.

Basically every part of our body.

- Dude, I want to Snapchat this shit.

Time to get Googled.

- [Hasan] No, no, nothat's not what we're--

- [Jordan] Yeah, look at my experience.

- [Hasan] Jordan.

- [Jordan] This is how Jordan lives a life.

- Jordan you can run regular

with the GoPro on your head.

You don't have to run like you pooped your pants.

(grandiose music)

- Let's do it again.

- [Jordan] Why isn't he dirty?

- I said, let's (beep) do it again!


(grandiose music)