Happy Birthday, Betty White

Tuesday, January 17, 2017 01/17/2017 Views: 124

Megan Gailey, Jak Knight and Rory Scovel offer festive suggestions for Betty White's 95th birthday celebration. (1:24)

Well, the world is a toilet, andwe're all completely (bleep).

But there are stilloccasional bits of good news

to distract us from impendingdoom, and here's one of 'em.

Happy 95th birthday,Betty White!

(cheers and applause)

Oh, man!She's amazing.

Thankfully, the reason thetalented and enduring Ms. White

was trending on Twitter wasbecause it's her birthday,

not 'cause she diedor said something racist.

(laughter) -She's great. Hereshe is with Katie Couric, and,

uh, what kind of (bleep) cakeis that? She's 95.

-(laughter)-Give this woman a proper slice

of devil's food cake,not some crappy berry tart from

-the Whole Foods deli case.-(laughter)

Betty was born in 1922,so she was alive

to see the Great Depressionand the birth of television,

as well as the riseof totalitarianism,

which thankfully,was just a one-time thing

that definitely doesn't haveany modern parallels, you guys.

-(laughter)-So, we're all good.

Comedians, how is Betty White

gonna celebratethe big nine-five? Rory.

-69 a 69-year-old. -HARDWICK:All right. All right. Very good.

-(laughter)-Points. I feel like that'll...

that should trend.That should trend.

-"69 a 69-year-old."-It will.

-It will. -HARDWICK: Megan.-Let Channing Tatum come over

-and eat that (bleep). -Yeah.-HARDWICK: All right, all right.

-Very good, points.-(laughter)


Continue drinkingPuerto Rican kids' blood.

-HARDWICK: Yeah. That's...-(laughter)

-Hey, I'm that guy.-And, you know,

she'll live forever that way.

That's how you live forever.