Jonah & Kumail - One Direction Fan

The One with the Childhood Crushes Season 1, Ep 1 07/24/2014 Views: 5,026

Despite Jonah's protests, Kumail tries to compliment a young One Direction fan in the audience. (1:39)

This is for you guys.

Grabbing your boobs.Grabbing your boobs.

Is that the wrong direction?

There's only One Direction.

How many One Directionfans are here?

And just be honest,this is a safe place.

Oh, you're an idiot.

I'm joking.Yeah, yeah.

Are you a One Direction fan?

You are. No, it's okay.

So, how old are you?


That's slightly too old.Yeah, yeah.

What's your name?Frankie.

Frankie...that's a great name.

Um, it's too weird,it's like--20, 20, Kumail, 20.

D'uh-- I'm--

KUMAIL (O.S.):Um, what's their big song?

Oh, You Don't KnowYou're Beautiful?

That's Why You're Beautiful.

Do you know you're beautiful?

You don't know?

20. 20.

Yeah, bro, could you justgive me like 30 seconds?

Do you know you're beautiful?

That's what makes you beautiful?You're like-- you've like boughtinto this.

JONAH (O.S.):Yeah.

Well, you're beautiful, Frankie.20!

Are you--

Did any--

Th-- who likes the Shins?

I just want her to knowshe's beautiful.Oh, god.

Tell her in your van, Kumail.

Have you ever had vodka?


It's really good.It makes you feel beautiful.

This is-- this showhas two speeds.

Racism and statutory.

And baby, this ain't racism.