CC:Social Scene - Hike Gone Wrong

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When a group of hikers agree to give up their phones for the day, things take a turn for the worse. (4:10)

- [Voiceover] This episode of CC: Social Scene

is based on your suggestions for what can go wrong

on a hike without GPS.

- Oh you guys, what a beautiful day for a hike.

- Yeah if Dave doesn't ruin it first.

- Yeah Dave.

- Oh my tummy, I'm so sick.

- My appendix burst.

- Oh god I'm gonna die!


- So according to the GPS the hike is one hour that way.

- Okay that is enough of that.

Guys, today we are roughing it.

- We're not even on the trail yet.

- Well hiking starts the second you step out of the,

out of the car.


Guys, it's summer.

Right, this is our one chance to connect with nature.

Did Christopher Columbus have a GPS?


He discovered America.

I got it, I got it.


How 'bout we vote?

All of those who want to live free

and really connect with this beautiful Mother Gaea.

- Yeah.

- Yeah.

- Raise those hands.

- Oh that's a good one.

- Raise them high!

Yeah, yeah, yeah!

- Mother Gaea?

- Look it up buddy, it's on the internet.

Well don't 'cause I took your phone.

(upbeat guitar music)

(bird screeches)

- We're lost.

- Yeah we've walked pastthat tree four times

and I'm out of water.

- I haven't taken a selfie in like three hours.

- Sorry guys, we're not lost, alright?

- If you look, there's the sun.

So that means our car is right over, no, okay hold on.

The sun is, it's hard to, we're not lost.

- Brody can we please have our phones back?

- You mean these?

- Yes.

- What?!


- We don't need that stuff guys.

Alright, was that drastic?

- Yes!

- Yes.

Was that necessary?

- No!

- Maybe, maybe because we don't need GPS.

We can do this!

We are young, and we are strong!

Right, say it!

- We are young and we are strong!

- No no no, enough enough.

Alright, let's go.

Come on.


Okay, don't touch him, don't touch him.

- Why not?

- I am so hungry.

Do you have anything in that bag I can eat?

- You want some beef jerky?

- I can't eat that, I'm a vegetarian.

You got anything else?

- Nope.

- Crap, I'm gonna die in the woods.

- You're gonna be fine.

We got plenty of sun and plenty of time.

(bird cooing)

- Well, we're lost.

And it's all thanks to Captain Throws Phones Over There.

- Calm down Dave, you don'twanna burst your other appendix.

- You only have one!

- Okay.

- One appendix!

- Everybody relax.

I know where we are.

- Really Brody, where are we?

- We are in the woods.

- Thanks for--


- Stop guys, look at us!

If anybody should be mad here it's me!

I'm the guy who hurt his, ow!


Oh that was the other one.

Great, okay, just because we're lost

doesn't mean we have to all go crazy.


- I did my way, I did my way.


- I have returned!

And I bring food!

- Give me the snail!

- I want the snail!

- Earn it.


(screaming and animal sounds)




(upbeat music)

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