David Wain - A Magic Trick in the Box of Pain

The One with the Box of Pain Season 3, Ep 2 10/04/2016 Views: 750

When David Wain needs a volunteer to help him with a magic trick, he enlists Emily to crawl inside his box of pain. (2:47)

This is the world debut

of one of the mostastonishing illusions

ever put forth on television

or radio.



- I bet magic on radio'spretty easy.

- So is--so is ventriloquism.

- This is the product of overa dozen minutes of preparation.



- There you go.- Gently.

Now, if we can open upall the way,

you can all see the box.All right?

- Whoa, box of pain.

- Just an empty box.- Now, I need

to have a volunteer,anyone at all,

who's going to get insidethe box of pain and experience--

- Emily, come on, do it.

- Emily?You?

[cheers and applause]

- So...

- Now, she has not been prepped.

- I have no ideawhat's going to happen.

- She has no ideawhat's going on.

Not been prepped.

- And maybe I'll take this opportunity

to tell the audienceand the viewers at home

that we do notuse camera tricks here.

Emily, are you ready forthe box of pain?

- I hope so.

- Get in.

- My whole life I've been there.

- She's used toliving with me.

I think she is.

- Now that's--- Marriage is hard.

It's a compromise.

- Now, where's that paper tape?

- Here you go, baby.

- And now let's alljump in there--

- Honey,are you okay in there?

- I'm doing great.- I want to make sure there is

now way that she can get out.

So, everyone--everyone pitch in.

Here you go, some for you.

And here's some for you.

This--this think is gonna be

absolutely impossible to...

All right.By the way,

did you guys know thatI can take my finger off?

Look at this, watch.[grunts]

- Oh, my God.- Oh, my God!

Look at that!Look at that!

Look at this one.- See?

[cheers and applause]

Magic of David,everybody!

Look into the heavens.

Look into the heavens!

[cheers and applause]

- You guys, no.- Let's take the tape off.

- Emily?

Emily, are you ready?

- Over here, over here.

- Hey.- Aah!

- Let's tape it up real good.

- Oh, my God.- Let's tape it up.

Emily, are you okay in there?

- Yeah, I'm fine!

- Maybe like--there's no way.- Okay.

- I miss Kumail!

- You guys,maybe like this.

- Oh, I miss you, baby.

Where did you go?

- No, no, no.- Oh!



- Hold on.- Oh, let's see.

- Okay, David, if you--

- David?All right, David Wain,

let's do the magic trickthat you...

all: Oh!

[exciting music playing]

[cheers and applause]

- David Wain!

[cheers and applause]