Exclusive - Adam Devine - Watch It, Buddy

South Beach Comedy Festival 2011 Season 1, Ep 5 03/30/2011 Views: 20,731

When people get really loud, that's not scary -- it's when they get quiet that sh*t gets weird. (1:50)

-How come when people get reallyloud that's not scary at all?

You know, I mean that'swhen they get quiet,

that's when shit gets weird.

You know, you bump into somebodyand you're like, hey, watch it,


Screw you.

And that guy goes, No!

Screw you!

You're like, he's a maniac.

I'm not intimidated by him.

Don't move.

He won't be able to see me.

Douchebags are likedinosaurs in that respect.

Just don't move.

But if he's super quiet,that's when shit gets weird.

Bump into somebody you'relike, hey, screw you, buddy.

That guy goes.

[jagged breathing]

[audience laughs]


Screw you.

You're like, holy shit!

Grab your things!

This guys going to shank us.

What's wrong with this guy?

Lincoln Road.

I like it here, guys.

I really like it here.

I don't like goingto nightclubs.

Want to know why?

Why, Adam?


-A little delayed.

A little delayed.

Thank you.

Cause chicks arealways hitting on me,

and I'm just trying todance with my buddies.


Get in a tight circle, grindup and down on my dude friends.

Put all of our wallets inthe middle and just dance.

Just-- Wear a tight muscletee to attract the ladies.

Maybe show off aglute, maybe a tricep.

Meet a fine one, haveher buy me four drinks.

Right when she goes in for thekill I'll say something like,

it's dudes night out,and then saunter off.

[audience laughs]