Jake Johannsen - Not an Infomercial

Cotter, Royce, Ridley Season 2, Ep 16 05/23/1993 Views: 1,328

You're not watching a commercial for butt lotion. (1:22)

to another edition ofthe "Two Drink Minimum."

I say hello again andanother edition as

though you've seen the showbefore and you know who I am.

If you're at home, you'reprobably flipping channels.

And for all you know,this is some infomercial

for some sort of butt lotion.

Or something.

I love-- I lovethose infomercials.

I want to be one of those guys.

You know, now much would youpay for all this butt lotion?

But wait, it also comes with itsown spring-loaded applicator!

Come to think of it,a lot-- a lot of you

are probably disappointedthat that's not what this is.

But don't-- I'vemade up that thing

about the spring-loadedapplicator.

Don't go changingchannels looking for that.

Anyway, this is not aninfomercial, which you should

know by the fact that I'mnot wearing a weird sweater.

And also, you'rewatching Comedy Central.

And well, if you don't know thatyou're watching Comedy Central,

then you don't know whatnumbers are what on your TV.

You might as wellchange to some channel

that you can understandlike that close ups

of custom jewelry channel.

Oh, look how shiny.

Anyway, if you haveseen the show before

and you do know whoI am, well, I'm sorry

and I hope you get yourlife straightened out.

Anyway, this is"Two Drink Minimum,"