Sean Patton - Sick Day

Murphy, Dahle, San Juan, Waite, Rutledge, Patton, Haddish Season 4, Ep 0404 11/06/2009 Views: 3,109

If you don't want to go into work, just call in and make up some diseases over the phone. (1:20)

into work, uh, don't.

Call them. You can saywhatever you want,

and they'll give you...Call in sick, whatever.

It's a sick day. They're gonnagive you the day off.

You can lie, you can lieyour ass off. I do.

I would call in and be, like,

"Hey, what's up?It's me, it's Sean.

"I, uh, I'm not gonna make itinto work today.

"I, uh... (roars)

"I'm sorry. I got the roars.


Uh, no, I'm a bobcat."

Or this. This will get you offfor, like, a month straight

if you need it.

"Hey, what's up?It's me, it's Sean.

"I'm not gonna make itinto work. I, uh...


"Sorry, that's embarrassing.

"Um, I can't... (beatboxing)

"I'm sorry. (beatboxing)I got the beatboxes.

"It's pretty bad.(rhythmic scratching)

"Oh, (bleep, scratch) oh,(bleep, scratch) oh...

"And the scratch...

"Oh, (scratch) oh,(bleep, scratch)...

"And the scratches, too.

"I got the...

(scratching, beatboxing)

♪ Your whole crew is wack!

"I don't even know whatI'm gonna say next.

"I can't even (scratches),I can't even (scratches),

"I can't even fi... (scratches),

"I can't even (scratches),I can't... I can't even...

I can't even finish a sentence."

(applause and cheering)