Jamel Johnson - Female Serial Killers - Uncensored

Washington, D.C. Season 1, Ep 6 11/06/2016 Views: 1,070

Jamel Johnson reveals the frightening reason why men need to be informed about feminism and details the worst thing about the women he dates. (1:45)

You know what it is?You heard?

You need to geton board with it.

Fellas, I'm talkingto y'all now.

We need to get a betterunderstanding

of what feminism is,

because female serial killersare coming.

And straight men are very easyto kill right now.

I think it takes aboutthree Facebook messages.

We've all seen a fake profile sogood you added it anyway, right?

Boy, I seen one.The name was Daisy Feliz.

Two photos. A picture of a womanthat looks like Amy Winehouse.

The second one wasjust Christmas Presents.

Wasn't nobody standing nextto them. Just presents.

I was like, "Hell, yeah,I'ma try to fuck this robot."

You know what I'm saying?

'Cause that's how you getthe discount shades.

I love women.Women are the best.

You ever notice the worst thingabout women

is the guys they used to fuck?

That's their worst quality.

I was hanging outwith this girl,

and it was the first timewe was hanging out.

And I took her to this party,and we chilling.

And I'm grabbing up some drinks,and this guy walked up on me,

and he was like, "Oh, pfft.You're fucking with her now?

Hey, yo, how's my dick taste?Ahh!"

And then he moonwalkedaway on me,

like I'm supposedto respect him now.

It was tight,'cause he did it on carpet,

but other than that I don't--I don't think so.

You know what I'm saying?What an arbitrary statement.

So many holes in it.First off,

I have no idea how long dickresidue even lasts on a face.

Furthermore, like I care whoyou used to sleep with, dog.

It doesn't mean anything.It's 2016.

Dicks have been everywhere.Get over it.