Uncensored - Jo Koy - Not Socially Accepted

Jo Koy: Lights Out Season 1, Ep 1 04/01/2012 Views: 29,948

Jo Koy tells a story about Filipino mothers and the surprising ways they interact with their sons. (1:49)

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- I'm gonna tell you a story

about Filipino momsand their sons.

Now, Filipino momsdo shit to their sons

that may not besocially accepted in America,

but I just wantyou to know, I'm okay.

Now, I know that's a creepy wayto introduce a joke,

but just believe me,I'm all right.

Now, my momwas at my house

when, uh, my son was about3 1/2, 4 years old, okay?

And he just got donetaking a bath, and he's like,

"Daddy, I'm done taking a bath!Come and get me!"

Right?And my mom was like,

"Little Jo,I'll take care of you.

Come to Grandma!Come on, come to Grandma!"

And my son was like,"Grandma!"

And he jumpedout of the bathtub--

wet, naked--running to his grandma.

"Grandma!Grandma! Grandma!"

"Come to Grandma!""Grandma! Grandma! Grandma!"

"Come to Grandma!"

"Grandma!Grandma! Grandma!"

And he got right in frontof his grandma,

and my mom grabbed his dickand went, "I got your tite!"


And he fucking ran."Aah!"

And I laughed.[laughs]

'Cause she used todo that shit to me!

I used to hate itwhen my mom grabbed my tite.

And here'sthe fucked-up part.

My mom would get mad at mefor getting mad at her

for touching my tite.

How fucked up is that?

She's like, "I got your tite!"I'm like, "Mom!

Don't do that!"

[offended gasp]

"Why can I nottouch your tite?"

"'Cause I'm 32!"