Dessert Balls and Outhouse Privileges

Roosevelt Season 2, Ep 5 07/13/2016 Views: 1,017

A servants' strike provides the perfect venue for Frederick to show off his crisis management skills for Theodore Roosevelt. (2:09)

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- I'm here to negotiate.

[tense music]

So are we good?

- No, not at all.A rifle?

You just handed me a rifle.

- Daddy,your way isn't working.

- You were supposedto use the gun.

- I did.

- We want propercleaning utensils,

one hour of recreation timeper month,

daily outhouse privileges,

and three hours of sleepper night...


- Sure.

- Sure?Like yes?

Oh, great.Yes, yes.

- [groans]- Yes, yes.

- [laughing]

- I have more.I have more to give.

I can also give you money.

- Thanks.

- And we will give youa dessert ball.

- Okay.What is that?

- A dessert ball.Whenever we are done

with dessert,you can gather up all the scraps

and ball them up,and at the end of every month,

you will receivethe dessert ball.

It's something that I've beenthinking about

for quite a while.- We'll take it.



[all cheering]

- Who are these people?

- Frederick, I am so impressedwith the sympathy

you showed towardsthe common man.

Plus, you solved a problemI did not care about

without my involvement.

That is the very definitionof a VP.

So how does it sound?

Vice PresidentFrederick Bellacourt.

- It sounds a little confusing

because my nameis also Frederick Bellacourt.

But if that guy'svice president,

then I can just change mine.I'm Bert.

I'm Bert Bellacourt,everybody.

Bert is here!

[all cheering]

- So you like my boy,eh?

- I haven't met a stupiderhuman being

that didn't have some sortof brain disorder.

But with him next in linefor the presidency,

there's no wayI'll get assassinated.