John Oliver - The American Legacy Pt. 2

James Adomian, Jessi Klein, Pete Holmes Season 4, Ep 3 08/09/2013 Views: 7,196

John Oliver witnesses the most American thing that has ever happened. (2:19)

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year, a South Atlanticbaseball league held a home

run derby on thedeck of a warship.

They hit baseballs into theocean from the deck of an

active aircraft carrier.

And they hit thosebaseballs from an

inflatable batting cage.

Why inflatable, you might ask?

Why inflatable,when it was already

on something thatcould obviously float?

No reason, that's why.

What happened to thebaseballs, I wonder?

They probablysank, didn't they.


They probably sank ordrifted out to sea.


That probably happened, if youhave no faith or belief in

your country anymore.

Or were those baseballs caughtby volunteers on Jet Skis?

Or did that happen?

Let's just recap everythingwe learned together.

Baseballs werehit from the deck

of a warship, from aneedlessly inflatable batting

cage, out into the ocean,where they were caught by

people on Jet Skis.

That is not just the mostAmerican thing that's ever

happened, those should bethe new words

to your national anthem.

[SINGING]Oh, say can you see

The home run I just hit

From the deckof this ship

Which is filledwith explosives

From an inflatable cage

Out into the sea

My ball, it did fly

Past a bunch of Jet Skis

Oh say, is this themost American thing

That has ever happened?

In the land of the free

And the home of Jet Skis