Leela's Oz

Anthology of Interest II Season 4, Ep 3 02/05/2008 Views: 42,548

Leela gets knocked out and finds herself in a parody of a classic fantasy world. (1:57)

What if I found my true home?


( groans )

( squeaks excitedly )

Ow. Where are we?

( laughs maniacally )

( grumbles )

Nibbler, I don't thinkwe're in New New York anymore.

Geez, apparently the phrase"tone it down"

doesn't exist on this planet.

( gasps )

Oh, no! We hit someone!

Quick, backinto the ship!

Ooh, nice boots.

( sniffs, disgusted groan )

Look, everyone,

she killedthe Manwitch of the West!

( all cheer )

A witch?

That explains how these bootsmagically appeared on my feet.

No, you stole them.

We saw you.

Well... it's hard to find shoesthat fit me.

So, anyway, who are you people?

Haven't I seen youin some copyrighted movie?

♪ We resemblebut are legally distinct ♪

♪ From the Lollipop Guild ♪

♪ The Lollipop... ♪

( loud munching )

( burps )

( gasping and grunting )

Greetings, Leela.

I'm the Cute Witchof the North.

Yeah, can anyone fix myship so I can get home?


Just ask the professor.

He lives inthe Emerald laboratory

down Martin LutherKing Boulevard.

You mean that yellow brick road?

The City Council renamed itin 1975.

Ooh, those are great shoes.

Oh, thank you.

Do they come in women sizes?