There's No Time to Lose

Game of Tones Season 7, Ep 23 08/14/2013 Views: 11,247

Although Fry was originally reluctant to relive the day of December 31, 1999, he discovers that he is happy to see his family again. (2:25)

We've got to get Fryback into that dream

so he can rememberwhere he heard those tones.


I'd really rather not relivemy last day in the past.

It was awful.

Hanging outwith my crazy family,

falling in a cryogenic freezer.

Can't you just dissect my brain?

With the buildingshaking like this?

No chance.

Hold out your arm.

(tones playing)


Eeh, my old house.

There's not one thing aboutthis place that I missed.

(dog barking)

Seymour.I forgot about you.

Aw, I missed your stinky breathso much.

Maybe I do kind ofmiss this place.

Maybe I just convinced myselfI hated it

'cause I knew I couldnever come back.

You know, boy,

this was the last timeI ever saw my family.




Geez, Philip,I just put Seymour out.

Now he's tracking stink in here.

By which I mean you.


Yeah, Yancy, I stink.

Attaboy, Yancy.

Gorbachev thatforehead up good.

Good old,crazy old Dad.

Go, you bastard.

Kick that football.

Aw, you blew it again.

Hi, Mom.

Who's playing?


I'm watchingthe Charlie Brown special.


Is that what I think it is?

Yep, your favorite.

Captain Crunchcasserole.

Aww, it's been a thousand yearssince I had this.

Can I lick the beaters?

Well, sure.

Just let me unplug itbefore you..

(muffled screaming)


Dear God.

He's not lookingfor the melody at all.

He's enjoying himself.

Fry, this isProfessor Farnsworth.

Get out of your house and keep moving.

You're on a mission.

Okay, jeez,give me a minute, will you?

Hey wait, can you guys hearthe Professor, too?


Does that seem strange to you?

Well, no,not in a dream.

Lots of weird stuffcould happen.

Philip, haveyou lost weight?

Damn it, Fry.

Stop wasting timewith your loved ones

and find the sourceof the music.