Craig Robinson Interview

South Beach Comedy Festival 2009 Season 1, Ep 3 02/27/2009 Views: 5,855

Craig recalls doing his first open mic to impress a girl. (2:49)


My name is Craig Robinson.

I'm in South Beachfor the Comedy

Central South BeachComedy Festival.

[music playing]

-I love Miami.

It's amazing.

You can see the finest womanyou ever saw in your life,

and then comingaround the corner

is a woman you would step on theother woman's neck to get to.

So, yeah.

It's a wonderful,wonderful experience.

First time I did standup, Iwas at an open mic in Chicago.

And the reason I went up to doit was, uh-- it was, like, just

after the new year.

And my friend hada New Year's party.

There was this reallycute girl there,

And I was like-- we was talkingabout doing comedy and stuff,

and I was like,yeah, I'm, uh, I'm

about to do this comedy thing.

And then my otherfriend's like, well

there's an openmic on Wednesday.

I was like, yeah, we'll do that.

I'm trying to impress the girl.

So everybody was like, yeah,we oughta go down there.

And then I was all,like, confident,

yeah I'm going to do open mic.

And then on-- thatwas, like, Sunday then.

When Wednesday came, I wasdriving down to the club

and I realized that Ididn't have any jokes.

Like nothing.

I had no idea what Iwas going to talk about.


I was just like-- so I startedtrying to think of what stuff

people would tease me aboutin high school or whatever.

Like, that wasfunny then, right?

And, uh, and I-- hold for sound.

[airplane flying overhead]

-You remember the Apollo?


Not the Apollo?

Well, still going on.

But they would dolike this sometimes

when they didn't like somebody.

So the dude, assoon as I got done,

some people were,like, clapping.

And one dude rightin front was like--

I remember that part.

Once I was up there, eventhough I didn't know what I was

talking about or saying,I was reading my notes,

there was nothing,no punch lines--

I knew that I was comfortable.

It was like an outof body experience.

I look at some of the stuffEddie does, and I'm like,

oh my God.

Like all his mannerisms.

It's like dang,that's-- you know,

I try to mimic alot of that stuff,

and Richard would justhave you in tears.

And Steven Wrightis always the-- just

deadpan, make you think.

Could you-- you knowwhat I'm saying?

Just deadpan.

And that's just one ofthe most beautiful things.

That's what's fun about being,like, on The Office and stuff

like that, just being ableto just say the dumbest

thing in the world but havea serious face about it.

So that's all-- I've always beena fan of that style of comedy.

I've been Craig Robinson.

See you soon, ina town near you.

All right?