Banned by the League

The Barstool Rundown: Live from Houston - January 31, 2017 Season 1, Ep 2 02/01/2017 Views: 1,166

El Pres, KFC and Big Cat talk about the latest development in their ongoing feud with Roger Goodell. (2:42)

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Welcome back.We just saw the video.

Well, I got to sayyour names, I guess.

-So, Big Cat, KFC.-That would be appreciated.

Welcome to my show.No, the "Barstool Rundown."

That's more accurate.

When we starttalking DeflateGate,

I start going all over.

We saw the videoof the press conference.

I don't want to spenda ton of time on it,

but this is really,really ridiculous.

It all stem-- We've been banned,by the way, for two years.

So it's nota new development.

It caught wind todaybecause, Big Cat,

you and PFTCommenter,the "PMT" boys,

you were going onMike Florio's show, NBC.

And you got banned, right?Yeah.

Unfair becauseother than threatening

Roger Goodell's life,sitting in his office,

handcuffing yourselfto everyone else,

threatening his lifeover and over,

saying he loves ISIS,

you haven't doneanything wrong.

Well, I think if weactually watch the film,

you'll findthat we take this serious,

and I was within my rights

and not only onthe wrong side of the law,

I've been right every time.

Roll the clip.

[ Indistinct shouting ]

Again,fighting for freedom.

...executive committee,Jay Feely.

These are the ESPN guys.

This guy's 6'4".

KFC:You are such an idiot.

I'm sorry.Excuse me.

Dave: I fought my ass offto get on TV right here.

We were wonderingwhen it would become

the DeflateGate show.

Dave: People aren't stupid!This is America!

You can't lie, lie,lie, lie, lie!

You're a liar!Hitler! Hitler!

[ Cheers and applause ]

-You are an idiot.-You did nothing wrong.

Let me say this.

That's as close as somebodywho actually had true facts

has ever gottento Roger Goodell.

And he had to hearthe "Hitler" chants.

The shirt I actually believeis the truth.

I don't want to go into it.It's a disaster.


-Parody law.-Parody law.

We've been doing this. Fortwo years, we've been banned.

It's all "we, we, we."

No one else here talks aboutmurdering him except for you.

I don't talkabout murdering him.

I just saidif it happened,

I'd be like,"Oh, that's not the worst."

But I am gonna say this,and I say it dead-serious.

And this isa really true statement.

The fact that we're banned whenmedia like,

all the Boston stationsasked me to go on their show,

and we're not even allowedas guests?

That is un-American.

This is serious voiceinto the thing.

That is against the law.That's unconstitutional.

And if I fought, I'd be like,"This is disgusting."

-It's freedom of speech.-Why don't you lawyer up?

-Freedom of speech.-You know what, though?

You know that chickslove the bad boys,

so you kind oflove it, too.

I said that at the house,

that this is the best thingthat could ever happen to us.

He's playingright into my hands.

By the way,we do have our own TV show,

and I want to say thisfor the record.

Roger, you're bannedfrom this show.

So turnaboutis fair play.