Groups of Names for Groups of Things

Tuesday, January 24, 2017 01/24/2017 Views: 265

Claudia O'Doherty, John Early and Kate Berlant assign official titles to bizarre social groups. (1:32)

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Say, did you guys knowa group of clams

is called a "bed?"Neither did I.

Or that a group of larksis called an "exaltation"?

There's a whole page of (bleep)on this Web site

called Science-Based Life. It'sgot a shrewdness of apes,

it has a romp of otters,a shiver of sharks,

and more, all in this groupof names of groups of things.

Incidentally, a group of namesof things is called a "list."

Comedians, I wouldlike you to give me

as many namesof groups of things as you can

in 60 seconds, and begin.Kate.

A Bed Bath & Beyondof college freshman.

Points. John.

A Mason jar of Mumford & Sons.

Points. Kate.

A Whole Foods of white mothers.

Points. John.

A beige wallof Jessica Chastains.

Points. Claudia.

A flannel of male comedians.



It's comfortable, okay?

It's just comfortable.

You know? It's easy to...


A screaming abyssof Trump voters.

All right, points. Claudia.

A bunch of white people.

Yeah, points.

Yo, I'm gonna rap about Jesus.

All right. Claudia.

A Sizzler of stepdads.

Ah... That's really funny.

John, yes.

A Hardwick of hashtags.


I mean, really...

a Hardwick of anythingsis great. Uh...