Ryan Stout - American Humor

Black, Sirof, Rothenberg, Wilson, Smith, Stout, Bowman Season 2, Ep 7 05/24/2007 Views: 3,776

Ryan thinks that America has a sick sense of humor. (1:29)

I think America has

a sick sense of humor,I think we always have.

Do you realize thatwhen we were attacked

at Pearl Harbor, the USS Arizona was bombed by the Japanese

at exactly 8:15 in the morning.

So when we dropped

the atomic bomb on Japan,

we dropped it exactly at 8:15.

Now, that's not just vengeance,all right?

That is sharpened mockery.

And I think the Japaneseare smart people,

stereotypically so.


And I know there was someoneon the island that morning...

they caught the irony.


Just some guy going to work,and then all of a sudden...

(chuckles):What is that?




Oh, America...!



Boy, is there eggon my face. Wow.

No, I'm melting. Ooh.


Oh, really? Down here.