Exclusive - Keep It 100 - Ana Marie Cox, Lifesaver?

08/16/2016 Views: 457

If Ana Marie Cox could save former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes from choking to death, would she? (1:12)

- All right, I'm here with Anne Marie Cox.

It's time for a game I like to call Keep It 100.

Keep it 100.

You know how this works, Ms. Cox.

I ask you a question,

you keep your answer 100 percent real,

you get one of these.

If not, gotta throw some weak tea at you.

You ready?

- Okay.

- Okay.

You credit Fox Newshost, Greta Van Susteren

for saving your life after you had an allergic

reaction on an Amtrak train, wow.

- That's true.

- Amazing story.

Now you're back on that same train, okay?

- Okay, uh oh.

- And you notice, you notice Roger Ailes is choking

on a pretzel


in the seat ahead of you.

Only you can save him.

Do you?

(choking sound)

- You know, I

I think I couldn't fit my hands around him any ways, so.


- You're done?

Let him go?

I think she's gotta get one of these.


Very good, all right.

Anne Marie Cox.

Kept it 100.