Jeff Mac - Undercover Hitler

Season 1, Ep 0102 07/27/2006 Views: 4,612

Here's a game to keep yourself entertained at the office. (1:45)

and in order to keep myselffrom going totally insane,

I would come up with gamesthat I would play

to amuse myselfthroughout the day.

And here's one that you can playat your office.

Uh, this is a game called"Undercover Hitler."

( laughter )

Which sounds inappropriateat first.

And later, as well.

Like, it keeps onsounding like that.

No, no, no, no, it's harmless.

It's harmless.

Uh, what you do is, uh,in full view

of all your coworkers,but without getting busted,

you have to do this.

( laughter )

For, like, a second.

Like, just a second.

( applause )

And you get points dependingon the degree of difficulty

of slipping it by.

Like, like, for ten points,you have to do it

while your boss is talkingdirectly to you.

( laughter )

You know?

And so you have to be, like,

"Yeah, I'm-I'm gonna get youthat report this afternoon.


( laughter and applause )


All right, so that's ten.

For 25 points,you have to do it

while you're addressinga large group of people,

'cause it's harder to cover.

Like, "We've gotto meet the budget!"

Like, you...

People are gonna be, like,"Let's remember that."


And then--and I don't recommend this--

uh, for 100 points...

It's 100 points

if your job involvesspeaking German.

( laughter )

Don't even try it.

Um, the one dangerwith this game, by the way,

is if you're in the middleof your office,

and you're, like,"Dude, I totally Hitlered you.

"I absolutely Hitlered you.I was like, boom...

"Oh, hey, boss. Hi.

"We're just Hitlering.

Just... Heil five."

( laughs )