Kyle Kinane - Learning Process

Kyle Kinane Season 15, Ep 10 02/25/2011 Views: 10,042

Kyle can effectively haggle down the price of a replica Civil War bayonet at a swap meet, with eye contact and confidence. (2:16)

I've-I've-I've presented

to myself throughbad choices.

So, that might be--

And I-and I buy clothesat thrift stores.

But the thing is, that'snot the trashy part.

The trashy part isI will try the stuff on

while I'm there.

You can't getcheaper than that.

You can't be...

I'm in there, I'll be,"Well, it's nice.

"I mean, I don't know ifit's a $1.85 nice, but--

"Helps bringout my eyes."

I've almost boughtmy own clothes bag

from a thrift store.

Have you donethat one yet?

Ya know, you're like,"Oh, this shirt's great.

"It reminds me of somethingI use to-- Oh, damn it."

[audience laughter]

I, uh-I uh... Thisis what I look like?

[audience laughter]


[cheering and applause]

Oh-ho, thanks--Yeah.

I know what I can and Ican't do in this world.

Ya know, with what-- I-I-I--This is what I look like.

I know what Ican and can't do.

I know that I can effectivelyhaggle down the price

of a replica civil warbayonet at a swap meet.

[audience laughter]

I don't even know whatI'm taking about, but this,

I can get that guydown to 20 bucks

just with eye contactand confidence.

I know Ican do that.

Nobody here's gonna besurprised if you see me

about to get in a fistfight with the night manager

of a Red Lobster over thetechnical start and end time

of Shrimp Fest.

[audience laughter]

Ya know?

If you see me marchin'around that lobby

rollin' up my sleeveslike, "God damn it, Doug.

Don't tell meyou can't make 'em,

tell me you won't make'em 'cause it's 11:58.

Just behonest with me.

[audience laughter]

That's what it is.

What's funin this world.

The best part of this worldis when you find out

what you can't do.

And the only way you findout what you can't do

is when you try doin'somethin' and you fail at it.

You can't bescared of that.

That process iscalled learning

and you can't be scaredof learning, ya know?

Embrace it--

That's just-- Make sure youtake the lesson from it.

Like, I learned that Ican not take off my shirt

and then look after two boysages three and one years old

at a family aquatic centerin East Lansing, Michigan

on a Tuesdayafternoon.

[audience laughter]

Nah, they weremy friend's kids.

I'm not a creep,all right.

I-I had a rightto be there.