Anthony Jeselnik - More of an Acquaintance

Anthony Jeselnik: Caligula Season 1, Ep 1 01/13/2013 Views: 41,420

Anthony Jeselnik hears a surprising revelation from someone he doesn't even consider a friend. (0:48)

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I call him a friend.

More of an acquaintance,really.

One of those people who think

they're way better friendswith you than they actually are.

Like, the other day,Kevin says to me,

"Hey, man,you know what I like to do

when I'm all by myselfand no one's around?"

And before I can say, "Hey,we're not really friends"...

[ Laughter ]

...he says,"I like to take peanut butter

and smear it all over myself

and then let my doglick it off."

I said, "Dude, you have got toget yourself a girlfriend.

I'll trade you minefor that dog."