Joe Wengert - Work in Progress

Joe Wengert Season 3, Ep 12 07/18/2014 Views: 9,736

Joe Wengert is currently working on having normal interactions with his friends when he unexpectedly sees them in public. (1:59)

Thank you guysfor coming to the show

my name isJoe Wengert

I'm very comfortable...

...uh, in earth tones.

What do you guys needto know about me?

Well, I'm a work in progress.

And one thing I'm tryingto work on right now is

I'm trying to havenormal interactions

with people that I know

when I see them in public

and I did not expectto see them.

That's a trouble area for me.

So, I was telling my friend,Jake, earlier today.

I knew I was gonnasee Jake today.

I don't knowif I'll see Jake tomorrow!

But hopefully if I do,I'll just be like,

"Hey, man, what's up?"

'Cause that's appropriate.

It would be inappropriateif I see him and I go,

"I'm just gonna go getsome mac and cheese real quick

before therapy."

No. He doesn't needto know all that.

"I'm just gonna getsome mac and cheese

"from this place calledKoo Koo Roo real quick

before therapy."

I don't need to put the burdenof that information

onto him.

But the sad factof the matter is,

ladies and gentlemen,this is something

that I have recently said

to a real human being.

And to make matters worse,it was not my friend Jake.

It was a girl.

She was in a yoga outfit

'cause she knowshow to take care of herself.

She's like, "Hey, Joe.How's it going?"

I was like, "Ah, I'm just gonnago get some mac and cheese

"real quick... before therapy!

Because I'm a (bleep) monster."