Jake Johannsen - New York Coffee Code

Lauletta, Prinzi, Robinson Season 2, Ep 25 05/26/1993 Views: 1,695

In New York City, you must communicate how you like your coffee through a ritualistic code. (2:13)

I've noticed thatuh, in New York,

they have a very differentway of ordering coffee

to go than theydo in California.

Do you know about this?

In California, if youorder coffee to go,

they give you yourcoffee and then

you go over to the coffeesupplementation area

and you use the variouscreams and sweetening agents

to sweeten the coffee orcream in to your liking.

Whereas in New York City, ifyou order the coffee to go,

they just give it to you.

You're not allowed totouch the dairy products.

I don't know if this isa trust problem or what.


But you have to communicate howmuch uh, cream and sugar you

want through a very complicated,uh, ritualistic code that, uh,

like a lot of other thingsin New York is foreign to me.

The first time I go and Iget my coffee I-- I-- the guy

says, do you want regular?

And I thought, as opposedto decaf, yeah, regular.

It turns out "regular" in NewYork means cream and sugar.

So-- so-- you, you, have to--I don't know how they determine

even how much-- theyjust put it in for you.

I don't know if they're psychic.

They know how much you want.

Or then I thought, wellmaybe they're highly trained

and they determine how muchcream I want by my weight

and height and you know, likemy bone structure or something.

He's a necromorph, givehim light and sweet.

Uh, which, that's how youtell them the cream thing.

It's-- is the cream nomenclatureis you tell them how you want

it by how-- what color thecoffee will turn when they put

the cream in, so-- youneed like a Benjamin

Moore paint sampler card thing.

I'm looking here forsomewhere between the Burnt

Sienna and the Ochre.

So I get my coffee andI'm walking around.

You have some street food.

I've noticed that thestreet food in New York

is very similar you know, withthe hot dogs and the pretzels

to the food that youget at the ballpark.

And then I-- then itkind of occurred to me

that walking aroundNew York City

is very similar to going toa baseball game in the sense

that it may seem like nothing'sgoing on for a long time

but pretty soon someone is goingto hit something really hard

with a bat.