Speedround - Shut Up About Big Ben Already

10/28/2016 Views: 38

Mr. Garrison implores Americans not to vote for him, George W. Bush addresses his cousin's bad behavior, and Sadie the Goat shoots her mouth off. (1:19)

(electronic tones)

- When you're in thatvoting booth, remember,

that every vote for Hilary Clinton

is a vote that showsthe world we agree that

The Force Awakens was more like

a Happy Days reunion special than a movie.

- I'd just like to say something'bout my cousin Billy Bush.

We Bushes don't act like that, okay.

(audience laughing)

We have standards, and we're raised a certain way.

And we would never,under any circumstances,

ride a bus.

(audience laughing) (audience cheering)

- We represent all types of clients.

From Donald Trump to, that's it!

We get results, defending against baseless charges,

such as facts, logic,very not nice reporting,

maliciously true information, tapes of things you've said,

vicious lies you will expose but not right now,

and women attacking your hands with their vaginas.

- So, Sadie the Goat, who was like a very mouthy individual,

was like "Um, the thingabout British people,

"is that like, they like, are like, always like,

"ooh, Big Ben is like a big cuh-lock."