Real Sext Season 1, Ep 2 05/07/2013 Views: 76,800

A new facility teaches elderly people the politically correct social skills they need to get along in the modern world. (2:13)

All of our friends hadleft us

and wewere both stuck there.

I mean, Napa Valley ofall places,

but that'sbasically how Carlos and I met.

I am very happy tomeet you.

Also, I'm finished.

Oh my God, Grandma,no, Carlos is not a busboy.

He's my boyfriend.

I'm so sorry.

Amy, it's okay, she grew upduring a different time.

Tell him to start mowingthe lawn by the pool

so it'll bequiet for my nap.

( announcer )Look familiar?

Are you tired of yourelderly relatives

thinking theirblatant racism is okay?

I don't know how to help my( bleep ) grandma!

There is an answer.


A revolutionary new facility

where we giveyour elderly loved ones

the politically correctsocial skills

to get alongin the modern world.

This person is what?

Drug mule.

A gardener?



In ourstate-of-the-art facilities,

we use an obstacle courseto teach them

fear-hiding techniques.


We'll show them hard evidencedefying stereotypes.

Okay, everybody,now watch very closely.

Somebody help him!

I'm perfectly fine!

( applauding )

Thank youfor your concern.

He's soarticulate.

That's not a compliment.

In ourtwo-week Asian intensive,

your loved one will first learnwhat words are "never-says."


That's a never-say.



Here at Generations, throughrepetition, patience,

so much patience,

hand-holding, gentle cajolingand coupon reinforcement,

we prove that youcan teach an old dog new tricks.

Here's my new class now.

Bitch, I'mtrying to help you.