Paul F. Tompkins - Made-Up Numbers

The One with the Box of Pain Season 3, Ep 2 10/04/2016 Views: 1,651

Paul F. Tompkins wonders why there's no song to help us remember numbers -- and then he comes up with a disturbing theory. (1:15)

Why is there no songfor the numbers?


There's so many numbers,you guys.

How am I supposed to rememberall of them?

Sometimes I can't rememberall the numbers,

and I'll make one up.

Like, 2012.


Is that real?I don't know.

But I remember the alphabetbecause of the song.


Here's how many numbersthere are.

At a certain point we gave up,

and we knocked one ofthe early ones on the side

and said, "That's it..."


"It just keeps going."


No, it doesn't just keep going.

What's the last number?


We can't have more numbers

than there are things to number.


So let's count everything.


Here's what I wouldstart with...

blades of grass.