Patrick Keane - Prayer in Sports

Season 4, Ep 0402 10/23/2009 Views: 2,308

Does God really care if St. Catherine's beats St. Margaret's? And if so, who are the public school kids praying to? (2:13)

been going on a long timecalled prayer in school,

which, uh, isn't an issue at allbecause none of the kids care.

You know?As long as it cuts into time

they're supposed to be studying,they're like,

"Yeah, you want meto recite this mindlessly

every day until I'm 18?Sure, no problem, man."

The bigger issueis prayer in sports,

'cause I was raised Catholic,and we used to pray to God

before grade schoolfootball games that we'd win.

And we were playingother Catholic grade schools

who, too, were prayingto that same God, you know?

I don't think God cares

if Saint Catherine'sbeats Saint Margaret's.

And if so, who were thepublic school kids praying to?

'Cause they were kickingthe crap out of us, man.

Their god is a bad dude,you know?

I'm doing the sign of the cross

while Marcus Jenkins is draggingme across the goal line

for the fourth timein the first half,

on his way to a Division Ischolarship,

where he'd earn morein a three-year signing bonus

than I would do in nine yearsof stand-up comedy

throughout the United Statesof America.

And for a long time,we had a lot more white coaches

than black coaches in sports.

It's startingto balance out now.

And, uh, people attributed itto racism and prejudice.

And it was never racismor prejudice.

The reasonfor so many white coaches,

as opposed to black coachesover the years, is that,

as a white athlete growing up,

you spend a lot more timeon the sidelines

than black athletes, you know?

So, by the time we retire,we're like,

"Oh, yeah, I've seen the gamefrom this perspective.


"Yeah, he goes there. Yeah.

"I know what's going on.

I've seen this all before."

A black athlete retires,

he's on the sidelinefor the first time going,

"What the hellam I looking at, man?

"Just let me go in there.

I'll fix everything."

They have to relearn the gamefrom scratch, you know?

White coaches know howto win with less.

Black coaches sometimes haveexpectations that are too high.

Michael Jordancould never coach basketball.

He'd be like, "Come on, guys.

"Why is nobody dunkingfrom the free throw line, man?

These are fundamentals."

"Jump over all five guys,

"win six championshipsin eight years,

"get your own shoe.

"Come on, you know?

"We talk about thisevery day in practice.

Some of you just don't wantto win bad enough."