Roast Battle - Post Battle: Night Three - Uncensored

Roast Battle - Night Three - Uncensored Season 1, Ep 4 07/30/2016 Views: 3,845

Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Rogen and Jeff Ross talk to the semifinalists about their big wins and and how they feel heading into the fourth and final night of competition. (2:57)

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- Earl, you came at Jimmy Carr

with a big upset tonight, how do you feel?

- I feel like Buster Douglas did

when he beat Mike Tyson.

I'm Buster Skakel baby.


- Okay Trevor, you look like you just

wanna sit down.


That was really really funny tonight man

you were amazing.

How about a hand for K. Trevor.

- I've had to pee for the whole show.

- Really?


I never saw a bowling ball wearing a bowling

shirt before.


Thank you for that pound up there.

- [Voiceover] They get it.

- How you feelin' Trev are you psyched?

- I'm feeling good, yeah.

- You're the last Canadian

and the only Canadian left in the tournament man



- Hell yeah, fatDrake fat Drake.


- Mike Lawrence.

- Hey man.

- You love roast battling don't you?

- It's my favorite fuckin' thing in the world

and my wife is watching this.


- What do you love about it so much?

- I love that it's the only show

where people who look like this can be on television.


- Apparently you've never seen Jimmy Kimmel Live.


- Don't worry your eyebrows will come back in.

- Thank you very much.

My eyebrows are on freak.


- [Voiceover] I get that.

- [Voiceover] They're on vacation.

- My eyebrows are growing out of

Mike Lawrence's face right now.

Tiana you look almost fuckable right now.


You were dynamite tonight

you came at that really hard

that was nice.

- I tried my best, thank you very much.

- [Host] Yeah.


- I learned from the best.

I really like whatyou're wearing Jeffery.

Does it come in men's?

(groaning and cheering)

- This lady's so funny,

she used to open for me on the road

and now look at her, she's about to become a huge star.

- Yeah, I'm never gonna have to open for you again.

In so many other ways.


- When's your new show come on on--

- On TruTV?

- Yeah.

- Hopefully the Fall.

- All right,congratulations darling.

- I love you baby.

- Great show brother.

- Great show Jeff.

- Thank you everybody.

- Keep it going for everybody we love you!

Au revoir Canada.

- Battle.

- [All] Battle, battle,

battle, battle, battle,

battle, battle.

- [Crowd] Battle, battle,

battle, battle, battle,

battle, battle!