Brian Regan - Show Horses

Brian Regan: Standing Up Season 1, Ep 1 06/09/2007 Views: 249,040

Who cares about dumb old donkeys when there are show horses on the road? (2:20)

and I came upon a truck...

pulling a horse trailerwith a sign on the back--

"Caution:Transporting show horses."


"Oh, 10:00 and 2:00!

"We're sharin' the roadwith show horses.

"If I start to lose control,I'll hit one of these carswith people!

"Or at least a trailerwith just plain old horses.

But those horses,they gotta put on a show!"

What are you supposed to doin a spin-out?

Don't hit the show horses!Anything but the show horses!

Can you imagine hitting--[ Gibberish ]

Then I came up onanother truck with a trailerwith a sign on the back,

"Don't worry,just dumb old donkeys."

I was crossing over the line.Boom, boom. Boom. Hee-haw!

Boom. Who cares?Just dumb old donkeys.

They refuseto apply themselves.[ Brays ]

Heck with them.Those dumb old donkeys.

[ Chuckles ]

I lived in Californiafor awhile, and to getmy California driver's license--

This is true.I was reading in the Californiadriver's handbook.

It says, "To receive yourCalifornia driver's license,

"you will be requiredto give a thumbprint...

or another fingerprintif you have no thumbs."

Is this a common enoughoccurrence...

everyone needs to knowthis contingency plan?

Shouldn't that be justfor one guy at the know about?

"I'm gonna need a thumbprint.""I don't have any thumbs."



[ Gibberish ]

Only Charlie needs to knowwhat's gonna happen,

not every single personin the entirestate of California.