Uncensored - Mike Vecchione - Okay Looking

Kurt Metzger, Nikki Glaser, Mike Vecchione Season 1, Ep 3 04/27/2014 Views: 6,181

Mike Vecchione explains exactly where he falls on the attractiveness spectrum. (1:49)

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Yes, let mewrite that one down

so that I remembernever to say it.

(Dave)Enough of me,let's keep it going.

One more time, let mehear some hands.

Let's getit going on here, come on.

What the fuck, people?!Let's do it!

(cheers and applause)

This next guy, hilarious.

You might have seen himon Comedy Central.

He's also been on"The Tonight Show."

It's uncensored,right?

Yeah, more intense--holy shit.

This isa comedy show, not P90X.

Please welcomeMichael Vecchione!

(cheers and applause)

Keep it going forDave Attell, everybody.

Dave Attell.

(cheers and applause)

I got a fresh haircutfor the show tonight.

I said to the barber,

"Go somewhere betweenNew Jersey wedding DJ

and Department ofHomeland Security."

I'll be honest with you,I think he fucking nailed it.

He did a great job.

I want you guysto be entertained,

but I want you tofeel safe.

Safetyis my priority.

I'm okay-looking.

I'm what you wouldcall a "Staten Island six."

I'm like a six in Staten Island.

But my roommate issuper good-looking.

He's a tall guy,which matters.

Ladies, I didn'tknow that mattered.

Super tall.

And he has the perfectcombination of

factors that women like.

He has a nonthreateningbaby face...

shredded body.

Nonthreatening baby face--you can trust me.

Shredded body--I will protect you.

I have the opposite thinghappening completely.


I have anUltimate Fighter head...


... with a let's-go-get-frozen-yogurt torso.

Right, I'm not fat.

We're not going toget ice cream.

We're going to getthe healthy alternative.