Rob Huebel and Paul Scheer - Protect Your Extremities

Crash Test with Rob Huebel and Paul Scheer Season 1, Ep 1 01/22/2016 Views: 1,909

Rob Huebel and Paul Scheer welcome a busload of eager audience members to their show and try to set their expectations for seeing celebrities in Los Angeles. (1:35)

said it shouldn't be done.

And we told them togo [muted] themselves.

You go straight to Hell,you're jealous because you

don't have a 60 foot glass bus.

Seriously, take off yourshoes because your socks

are going to beknocked off and we

don't want to wreck your shoes.

Seriously, tie your dick's inknots to hold in the pee that's

going to want to come outbecause of all the fun

you're having.

I don't know, I gotlost in the analogy.

PAUL SCHEER: I likedit, I was right there.

I was right there.

Tonight we're going to begoing all around Los Angeles.

We're going to see allkinds of stand up comedy.

Musical acts.

Crazy people on the street.

Plus beautiful LA andall of the strip malls.

ROB HUEBEL: Amazing buildings.

I would never eatsushi from a place

next to a Thai massage parlor.

Who are some famouspeople that you think

you're going to see tonight?Anyone.

Who do you think?-Aziz Ansari.

No, not Aziz Ansari.

Who do you thinkyou're going to see?

-Kurt Russell.-Kurt Russell?



I went to a cameraman.

Who do you thinkyou're going to see?

Richard Gere.

He does not do liveperformances anymore.

How about you, ma'am?

Who do you want tosee you tonight?

Rob Schneider.


You said that--

Well, you know what?

You might see Rob Schneider.

We're going to bedriving around LA.

He's very gettable.

Rob Schneider.

Richard Gere.

Leonardo DiCaprio.

Rob Schneider.

Set those goals low.

We're going to showyou just how depressing

Hollywood reallyis and then we're

all going to move to New York!

(SHOUTING) Let's do it!