Jim Breuer - Getting Pulled Over

Dana Gould Season 1, Ep 5 08/25/1997 Views: 14,521

It's fun pretending you're high when you know you're not. (2:17)

What's up, guys?

What's up?



All right, man.


[cheers and applause]

All right, man.

This should be fun, hanging out.

Sort of feel like I'm in my

living room here.

This is pretty cool.

One quick thing as you take a

good look at me and everyone

analyzes me, man--

I love it when people first

meet me.

They're like--


"Yo, man, is it me, or does he

look really stoned?

Look at his eyes, man.

He's stoned out of his mind,


Throw some chips up there.

Watch him scramble."


This is my natural eyes.

I look high all the time, man.

It's pretty cool, ain't it?

The funny thing is, like, when I

get pulled over now, 'cause now

that I know that I look stoned

and I'm not, that's when I

really have fun, you know.

Cops, cops--you know, they think

they nailed me.

[sirens wailing]

"Mm, how you doing?

You, uh, come from a little

party, are you?"

No, I look like this all

the time.

>> Yeah, right.


>> You know, and he wants to see

a picture, you know, my license.

Like that helps.

It's just a small picture of me

looking hammered.

"Hey, man, I look the same way,



>> Okay, James, we're gonna ask

you to step outside the car

right now.

>> All right, man.

I swear--I swear this guy made

me blow in the balloon.

He's like, "All right, blow in

the balloon."

I'm like, "Oh, we need balloons

for the party, man.

You got any red ones, man?

All right, come here.

You just blow in it?

All right.

Well, step away, man."