Will "Spank" Horton - Living with a Crazy Woman

Kevin Hart Presents Plastic Cup Boyz Season 1, Ep 1 04/11/2015 Views: 6,124

Will "Spank" Horton reveals why he never goes anywhere without his cell phone. (2:20)

-Live in a housewith a crazy woman.

Any of, any of y'all livewith a crazy woman, fellas?


Oh, you with her right nowso you can't say nothing?

I feel ya.

Every man here livewith a crazy woman.

Anybody live with that crazywoman that talk shit about you

on the phones to hergirlfriend why you sitting

right the [bleep] there?

Yeah, let me tell you aboutthis dumb mother [bleep].

Want to go upstairswith this conversation?


Talk about me for?


How many of y'all scared ofthat crazy woman, fellas?

How many of y'all scared of her?


All right.

Your lady everask you a question

and you ain'tprepared to answer?

It could be asimple question too.

Hey, babe.

Can I hold your cell phone?

Phew, my cell phone?

Uh, what's wrongwith your cellphone?

It died.

Well, you want tohold my charger?

You can hold my charger.

You can hold your charger.

Charge your phone back upso you ain't got to worry

about my goddamn phone.

Did you ever let yourlady hold your phone

to make a phone call?

That's the longestconversation in the world.

You staring at her thewhole time, like, whoo,

how long they gonna be?

Shit, come on now.

Come on, now.

Shit, goddamn,high and by, bitch.

What the [bleep]?

She be walking around, giggly.You be fouling.

Come on baby, stop playing now.

How long you going to be?

Don't be closing doors and shit.

What you doing in there?

It's my goddamn phone.

Fellas, you ever leftyour phone at home

when you went off to work?

You will be late today.

'Cause you going back toget that goddamn phone.

You won't even make a U-turn.

I've aint' got time.

I'm going to reverseall the way back.


I got to this goddamn phone.

If she go through this phone,this relationship is over.

That phone shit is real.

That's why we keepit on us 24/7.

You on your way to theshower, you butt as naked.

You've got that goddamn phonein your hand now, don't you?

Your lady yell out to you,don't you need a drying towel.

No I got an app on my phone.

It's going to blow dry me off.

I'm cool.

Some new shit just came out.



You ain't gonna have achance to get to my phone.

Only time we ain'tgot our phone with us

is when it's on the charger.

And when it's on thecharger, it's always

face down like a [bleep].

You dont' want thatcaller ID to show.

You ever left it face upin the ringer at night?

That shit will shine on ceilinglike a goddamn projector.

She look up, who thehell is big titty Brenda?

Aw, shit.

Forgot to turn thegoddamn phone over.

This is a bitch.

I done snitched on myself.