Nick Vatterott - Monster the Stand-Up Comic

Nick Vatterott Season 1, Ep 6 05/25/2012 Views: 1,664

Nick Vatterott does an impression of a comedian he used to work with in Reno. (2:10)

See, there's a, uh...

There's a guy I used to workwith in Reno years ago.

A standup comedian.

Been on the road for decades.

Uh, what happens in Renois why people go to Vegas.

Uh, please give it up for thecomic stylings of Monster!

Hey, how's everybody doing,everybody?

Hey, how's everybody doing,everybody? All right!

Hey, we're not going nowhere.

We're not going nowhere,everybody.

All right, okay, okay,okay, all right.

What's going on? What's goingon? What's going on?

Oh, I ran into him, I ran in.

Um...and they're going to end up

going in the gongomore than the mimo.

Like bingy.

More like bongo.


You know what I'm talking about.


Thank you, thank you.

All right, I gotta wrap it up.Gotta wrap it up, all right.


(speaking gibberish)

(speaking gibberish)

And he goes like,

"Oh, monster!"

Right? You know?

I'm going like,


This guy is all like,"Oh, is this happening?

Is this really happening?"

I'm going like,



I wasted my life.

I wasted it!

You were like, "Ahhhhh!"



Huh, some people.