President Trump Wants to Send "the Feds" to Chicago

January 25, 2017 - Heather Ann Thompson & Bellamy Young 01/25/2017 Views: 44,136

Perhaps taking advice from a segment on "The O'Reilly Factor," President Trump offers to "send in the Feds" to help Chicago crack down on crime. (3:27)

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breaking news

from Donald Trump'sfat little Twitter fingers.

President Trump just tweetedon a number of subjects,

including Chicago'smurder outbreak.

What exactly could that mean,bringing in the Feds?

Well, we've asked that questionof White House officials,

several of them,and there's no answer on what

exactly he means.

Yeah. Of coursethere's no answer

on "what exactly he means,"

because he doesn't knowwhat he means.

We don't even knowif he means the Feds.

I mean, like,maybe he wants to send in

Roger Federerand Kevin Federline.

-(laughter)-We don't know.

Anything's possible with Trump!

Now, now, don't get me wrong.

That statistic about homicidesin Chicago is troubling,

and no one can deny the issueneeds to be addressed,

but I guarantee youthat Donald J. Trump

just thinks "send in the Feds"sounds cool.

Because whenever you hearthat line in Hollywood,

something gets done.

The Feds are here.

Oh, crap.


(tires squealing, siren wailing)

-Feds, huh?-Yeah. The Feds.


You got it.

That's what Trump feelsis gonna happen.

Yeah, Trump thinksthat's what's gonna happen.

You just got to send in theFeds, and all the black people

are just gonna scatter."Aah...!


Or, or maybe another reasonTrump thinks the Feds

are a solution to every problem

is because theydefinitely saved his ass.

So, I mean,that could be another reason.

-(laughter, groaning)-To me... to me, though,

one of the scariest thingsabout Trump's tweet

is not the idea,but where he got it from.

You see, it wasn'tfrom some classified briefing

on urban violence,but Trump's tweet came

just an hour after Bill O'Reillyshowed that exact same stat

on his show.

And coincidentally,Bill O'Reilly also suggested

sending in the Feds.

And the question is,can President Trump override

local Illinois and Chicagoauthorities and stop the murder.

Can the Feds go inand stop this?

That is insane.

The commander in chiefgets his intelligence

from the same placeyour racist grandpa does.

And-and don't get me wrong,don't get me wrong,

I think it's pretty coolfor Bill O'Reilly--

he gets to be presidentfor an hour every single night.

That is so cool.

Poor Megyn Kelly--she left Fox too soon. Yeah.

She could have beenthe first female president

for an hour a night.

Which is the way I feelAmerica needs to do it.

You guys aren't ready, clearly.Just one hour a night,

female president,just start there.

But so many thingscould go wrong here, you know?

Like, what if Melaniais surfing channels one night

and Donald Trump starts issuingexecutive orders

based on what's on TV.

You know, what's on TV?Just out of nowhere,

he's just like, "Americamust win the Storage Wars...

-(laughter) -"start enforcingthe Vanderpump Rules,

"and stop Viola Davisfrom getting away with murder.


"Our Kenny's are being killedevery day.


"If the carnage doesn't stop,

"I will send the Feds into South Park.

(like Cartman):You will respect my authoritah!"

(laughter, applause)

I feel likehe could send that as a run.


It's not a real thing.It's not a real thing.