Operation G.E.D.

High School Season 1, Ep 8 05/02/2007 Views: 11,884

Carly, Eulogio and Serenity have mixed feelings about the possibility of getting their high school diplomas. (2:16)

high school dropoutsin our midst.

Good news.

The house is gonna

help you gethigh school diplomas.

That is Kenny'snew initiative.

It is Operation GED.

Thank you.

Hand these down, please.

Oh, man!

Whoa, better call Grammy,have her send me a twenty,

'cause I just got my GED.


That's not a GED.

That's theapplication.

You got to take the test, bitch.

You guys will be studyingfor two weeks

and then you're gonnatake an exam.

The best news of all:

two very excellent professors

will be teaching you.

I think you might know them.They're names are

Sebastian Yatesand Alan Shepard.

Oh!Hey, man!

I don't teach white peoplefor free, Kenny.

Then teach Serenity and let

the other peoplelisten.

I want to talkto my professors.

You can teach aboutMartin Luther King.

I'm-a teach aboutbeating your ass.

Why I got to geta diploma, Kenny?!

I mean, Tupac didn't haveno high school diploma.

Biggie didn't have nohigh school diploma.

ODB didn't haveno high school diploma,

why I got to get one?(doorbell rings)

Serenity, all thosedudes are dead.

They might be dead,but they were rich.Serenity!

You got avisitor, man!

Who is it?I don't know,some Caucasian bitch.

Hi. Serenity Johnson?


Kimberly Costas fromCriminal Minded Productions.

I didn't do it.

No, no, no, youresponded to our ad

in the back of Fly Bitch magazine.

I produce a TV show

and we're interestedin possibly having...Ooh!


Wait a minute,you said "TV."

Yes. Yes, I'ma television producer.

We're working ona reality show

which lets criminalstell their side of the story.

And I got a story for you.

I bet you do.

I think America's ready

to meet Serenity Johnson.

Hello, America! Hello!

It's gonna say hello right back.

Ooh!When can we comeand get you on tape?

Um... Thursday.Visiting hoursis 2:00 to 4:00.

Fantastic. And I would wear

something real scary,you know, that says,

"Watch out!I might kill you!"

Watch out! I might kill you!

Save it. Save it.

I got to jet.Okay.

Okay?Pleasure to meet you.

Can't wait to see youon Thursday.

I'm gonna be on TV.

What are youso happy about?

See this right here?

That's what I thinkof the GED.

I'm about tobe on TV.

I'm about to bea big star. Woo!