The Guys Curate Their Personas

Going Viral Season 6, Ep 6 02/18/2016 Views: 2,970

When Blake, Adam and Ders meet with a social media expert, he tells each of them how to best market themselves online. (1:25)

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- You did great.- You were good.

- Honestly, really good stuff.- I was good.

Thank you.And so was I, though, you can--

- It goes around.It goes around.

- All right, Tres Delinquentes.

What does that say right there?

- Two views.- Yeah.

It says people are notengaging with your brands.

You've gotto focus more on curating

your individual personas.

I mean, Blake, you'rea super-chill millennial teen,

so don't go around telling methat you've got anxiety.

Now go bust out some super-chillrando vids on Snapchat

with this rad land paddleboard.

- Oh, all right. Yeah.

I like that. That's cool.- Yeah.

- So we're selling these now?

- He is.You're selling 9/11 memorabilia

because you are a matureall-American conservative.

You are human khakis.

- Yeah, I mean, 9/11.Love it, but Ty Dolla $ign...

- Forget about Ty Dolla $ign.Never forget about 9/11.

- Sure, yeah.

- So now go jump on LinkedIn.

Link out with your dink out.

- Sick.- Okay, now do me. Do me.

- Have you ever heard of a mannamed Dan Bilzerian?

- Dan Bilzerian?From Instagram?

He's like--he's like--isn't he--

he's like my hero.

I freakin' carry a photoof him in my pocket.

He's just scratching his beard."What am I thinking of?"

I'll tell youwhat he's thinking of:

pussy, money, respect.


And I got all those things.

Except for I don't.I'm lying to you.

I'm-I'm actually pretty lonely.

- This is The Sleeve Cleaver.- [gasps]

- It'll take any shirt

and turn it into a tank topin less than a second.

- Okay, I'm notjust gonna sell this.

I'm gonna devotemy life to it.

Okay?- I love it. Careful.

They will cut your fingers off.- Okay.