The Art of the Steal: Melania Trump's Plagiarized Convention Speech

July 19, 2016 - Michael Steele 07/19/2016 Views: 18,051

Donald Trump's campaign tries to play off his wife Melania Trump's speech at the Republican National Convention, which she plagiarized from First Lady Michelle Obama. (3:22)

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Yesterday was the headlinespeech by Melania Trump,

an accomplished womanwho might be the only good thing

Donald Trump has ever attachedhis name to.

And Melania gave a really goodspeech that highlighted

her love for her family

and the story of how she becamean American citizen.

Unfortunately,the American citizen she became

was somehow Michelle Obama.

My parents impressed on me

the values that you work hardfor what you want in life...

Barack and I were raisedwith so many of the same values,

like you work hardfor what you want in life...

...that your word is your bond

and you do what you say.

...that your word is your bond,that you do what you say.

The only limitto your achievements

is the strength of your dreams

and your willingnessto work for them.

The only limit to the heightof your achievements

is the reach of your dreams

and your willingnessto work hard for them.

Goddamn, Melania Trumpjust took something

a black woman did firstand passed it off as her own.

Or as Iggy Azalea calls it,her new hit.

Now, I believe,

I believe the real problem hereisn't Melania Trump.

And it's not even that herspeech was plagiarized, right--

it's how the Trump campaigndecided to respond.

These two speeches were notverbatim. There are only

a few wordsthat were really common to both.

There's no cribbingof Michelle Obama's speech.

These were common wordsand values.

93% of the speechis completely different

than Michelle Obama's speech.

Melania Trump said,"The strength of your dreams

and willingnessto work for them."

Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony said, "This is your dream.

Anything you can doin your dreams, you can do now."

What we should be celebratingis the fact

that a Democrat and a Republicanhave similar values.

(imitating Carson):Yes, they are similar values.

Like NyQuil and my voice.


The Trump campaignis not even admitting

that there was plagiarism.

It would have been so easyfor them to just own up and say,

"Hey, this happened.It may have been a writer,"

especially when this is a lie

that not a single personin America believes.

Guys, this is not evena policy thing.

In fact, it's not even politics.It's a speech.

What it is, though,is a preview,

because this group of people,given actual power,

-will put us in somedeep (bleep). -(laughter)

-(applause and cheering)-And there is some good news.

There is some good news, though.

All day,there's been back and forth

about what really went down.

Did Melania know?

And the question remains,did she do it on purpose?

How will we ever know?

Well, it turns out, the only waywe know anything these days--

from Kim Kardashian's Snapchat.

-(laughter)-Yeah, because you see,

Melania did knowher speech was plagiarized,

and Kim gotthe whole thing on tape.

(in Melania's voice):


(in Melania's voice):

-(laughter) -I knewwe could count on you, Kim.