Uncensored - Joe DeRosa - Drugs Are Great

Joe DeRosa, Jermaine Fowler, Jay Oakerson Season 1, Ep 1 04/13/2014 Views: 6,568

Joe DeRosa doesn't do drugs anymore -- but when he did, he had a great time. (1:29)


A great,great comic.

You might know him from his manyComedy Central appearances

and also he's a writerfor the Pete Holmes show.

Is that the iPhone 5?

It's the iPhonego fuck yourself.

You showbiz cunt.That's right.

No bleepstonight!

Please welcomeJoe DeRosa.

(cheering and applause)Joey!

Thanks, man--Dave Attell!

Dave Attell!


How are youall doing-- good?


I like gettingfucked up, you know.

It's fun getting drunk.

Drugs, you everdo drugs?

(scattered whooping)

Drugs are great.

I don'tdo 'em anymore.

Every drug has its laststory, you know?

Like, I only didecstasy four times,

but the last time I did it

was the closest I ever came tohaving sex with a man, so...

That wasit for ecstasy.



You ever donecoke?

(scattered, affirmative whoops)

I did ita few times.

Did I like it--No.

I fucking loved it!

It makesyou feel awesome.

Conversations that go onforever about nothing.

It's amazing.

You're standingin some kitchen.

(sniffing)"People didn't get'The Phantom Menace.'

I'll tell you thatright now."


Coke's the onlydrug that can make you go,

"I'm so fucked up, I'm gonnapuke, we drank too much,

I'm gonna puke..."(sniffing)

"Are we drinking or what?

What are we doing--What are we doing"