Reunion Show

Jews and Samoans Rule Seattle Season 1, Ep 10 12/30/2013 Views: 574

After a 20-year hiatus, Brody and Teina's cable access show returns. (1:51)

Yeah, this guy told me about itthe first day of school.

I got on a couple times.He got on the phone linea couple times.

You know what Alex told me?What did he tell you?

They would record audioversions.

Guys, this is backwhen reels had to--

This is like magnetic tape.

This is pre-internet.

You used to make audiorecordings of our show andlisten to them in class.

Yeah, yeah, that was a big deal.

This one here.This is a love letter.


Brody, I've been watching youfor a few weeks now and I'mliking you more every time.

First of all, you should know,number one, I'm over 18.

You know what I want?More of you.

Dropping your shorts, andgyrating, and less of Teina.

She hates me.

Vanessa, are you here,by the way?

I want this guy to goto Boston, rock it...

take this Seattle energy, yeah.

I want to say thank youto that and I'm proud to callyou a friend. Thank you, Teina.

Yes! Yes!

It really worked.

I'm glad we've-- our friendshipis sort of back on the repair.

This is Teina Manu,I'm Steven Brody Stevens.

You have just witnesseda 20-year reunion.Thank you, guys.

TEINA (O.S.)It has somethingto be centered around now.

Brody! Boston! Brody! Boston!

There's much more of acamaraderie and understanding.

I really gotta give itup to him.

Brody! Boston!

You know, it was really hiseffort and hard work.

Brody! Boston! Brody! Boston!

This is Brody's journey.

I'm really proud of him.

That's funny, that's funny,everybody.