Exclusive - Keep It 100 - Malcolm Gladwell vs. Donald Trump

06/15/2016 Views: 720

Malcolm Gladwell considers changing his look to prevent Donald Trump from taking the White House. (0:54)

(audience clapping and shouting)

- All right, I'm here with Malcolm Gladwell,

it's time for the game we like to call,

Keep It 100.

Keep it one (wheezes)


(audience laughs)

You know how it works, I ask you a question,

you gotta keep your answer 100 percent real, all right?

If you do,

of course you get this famous sticker.

If not, gotta have some weak tea.

All right?

(audience laughs)

Ready Mr. Gladwell?

All right.

You and only you,

can prevent the Trump presidency.


(audience laughs)

All you have to do

is wear a Make America Great Again hat,

for the next 10,000 hours.


Do you do it?

- Of course.

- Here it is!

(audience whistles and claps)

You would do it?

You would wear it?

Oh my God, there you go!

Malcollm Gladwell everybody,

here with, no you don'treally have to do it.


I'm just kidding, it was a joke.

Don't do it!